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Evanston Passes Integrated Pest Management Ordinance

On April 26th, the City of Evanston City Council passed a Sustainable Pest Control and Pesticide Reduction Policy, the first municipal legislation in Illinois that limitspesticide applications on city owned property. The result of over a year’s worth of work by SPCP and the EvanstonEnvironment Board, it prohibits the City from using certain hazardous and toxic classes of pesticides. The policy effectively eliminates pesticide use completely after two years unless granted an exemption or used for health related purposes such as drinking water treatment.

Evanston’s new policy “acknowledges that many pesticides are simply unnecessary, pose significant health concerns, and impact our environment,” said Rachel Rosenberg, Executive Director. “Limiting pesticide use and preventing exposure are best practices for any city, and there are effective alternatives that do not involve poisons.”

SPCP Named a City of Chicago Delegate Agency

Bite BackSPCP was named as one of Chicago’s newest delegate agencies in January. SPCP will provide training, education, and outreach services on bed bugs to over 175 agencies in Chicago. SPCP has created a quarterly newsletter called B.I.T.E. (Bed Bug Information That Empowers) Back that is distributed to all delegate agencies to keep them up to date on the latest bed bug information. SPCP will be training Chicago citizens to help them become educated about the safest and most effective ways to prevent and manage bed bug infestations.

Natural Lawn Care Program

SPCP trained City of Chicago employees on Natural Turf Management in partnership with the Chicago Department of Environment. The training provided an overview on the principles as well as case studies highlighting successes in other Midwestern cities.

SPCP Sr. Program Associate Steve Pincuspy and Chip Osborne of Osborne Organics recently reviewed the Chicago Park District’s landscape specifications. The revisions resulting from this partnership will ensure that natural turf management is a prominent component of future landscape contracts at Grant Park.

Bite BackBeating Back Bed Bugs Seminars Are a Hit

Our most recent “Beating Back Bed Bugs” seminars were a big hit in Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee. We plan on bringing our unique training to Los Angeles and San Francisco in partnership with two non-profits, Physicians for Social Responsibilty and Californians for Pesticide Reform.

Bite BackA Chemical Reaction

The March 27th Chicago premiere of “A Chemical Reaction” at Columbia College generated a lot of enthusiasm and interest in promoting this film throughout the Midwest. “A Chemical Reaction” profiles the success of Hudson, Quebec residents in banning lawn and garden pesticides throughout their community. Their actions set off a chain of high-profile court cases that culminated in Hudson’s win in the Canadian Supreme Court in 2001.

Other screenings of the movie are being organized around the Chicago area. You can order the film at to view yourself or with friends, or you can organize a showing at your local library, community center, or school.

News from Springfield

IllinoisA recent bill (HB6439) was passed in Springfield creating an Illinois Bed Bugs Task force as a subcommittee of the Structural Pest Control Advisory Council. The goal of the group is to create a report with recommendations on the prevention, management, and control of bed bugs. Rachel Rosenberg, Executive Director of SPCP, was recently appointed by the Governor to sit on the Structural Pest Control Advisory Council and will be participating in this task force.

Save the Date

Ladybug BashPlan to join us for the 4th annual Ladybug Bash on Friday, October 8th at Evanston’s SPACE for an evening of music, food, and a great silent auction. We are looking for volunteers to help us plan this year’s event. If you are interested in being on our Special Event Committee, contact Kim Stone at or (773) 878-7378 x 205.

Welcome to New Members of SPCP’s Board of Directors

Katie ColemanKatie Coleman has a background in print and online communications for environmental issues. She is currently a grant writer for the Environmental Law & Policy Center, a regional environmental advocacy organization based in Chicago. Katie worked previously as the editor of EJ Magazine at Michigan State University’s Knight Center for Environmental Journalism. She earned a Masters Degree in Environmental Journalism from Michigan State University and a degree in English from Illinois Wesleyan University.

Jennifer FarleyJennifer Farley is an Environmental Risk Consultant for Wells Fargo Bank. In this role, Jenne uses her interest and expertise to monitor environmental due diligence on loans. Prior to joining Wells Fargo, she worked as an Environmental Analyst for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and received a Masters Degree from Clark University in Environmental Science and Policy. Highly active in all matters green, when not encouraging others in her green endeavors, you can find her playing her cello or flute in a local ensemble or walking her dog.

Betsy NeumannBetsy Neumann is the owner of Clean Air Lawn Care, located in Evanston. Clean Air Lawn Care is a sustainable lawn care company dedicated to promoting clean energy and natural lawn care solutions. After graduating from Butler University with a degree in Public and Corporate Communications, she spent the early part of her career helping run and grow a family owned garden center/nursery. She will share her passion for community involvement along with her expertise on volunteers and fundraising with SPCP.

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